Veradius Unity Arco en C móvil con detector Flat Panel

Veradius Unity

Arco en C móvil con detector Flat Panel


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Arco en C móvil con tubo de ánodo rotatorio y detector digital flat panel de 26,2 cm x 26,2 cm que proporciona imágenes de alta calidad y sin distorsión para procedimientos clínicos muy exigentes. Su potencia de 15 kW permite tratar pacientes obesos, realizar procedimientos largos y proyecciones complejas en procedimientos vasculares, neuro e intervencionismo cardiaco, entre otros.

  • *Referring to Sauro’s study results: Top 10% for ease of use is based on an average score of 83.5 on the System Usability Scale (SUS) by 15 users in an independent study, interacting with the C-arm software’s user interface.The SUS was developed by J.Sauro (See “A Practical Guide to the System Usability Scale: background, Benchmarks, & Best Practices, “by J. Sauro, 2011, Denver, CO, USA, Measuring Usability LLC.)Sauro’s study tested the ease of use of 500 consumer and commercial products and did not necessarily include mobile surgery C-arms.
  • **Referring to the UseLab GmbH user test: Results obtained during user tests performed in November 2013 by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent company. The tests involved 30 USA based clinicians (15 physicians teamed up with 15 nurses or X-ray technicians), who performed simulated procedures in a simulated OR environment. None of them had worked with a Philips C-arm or with each other before.