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More than a blender

The Philips blender is your gateway to serving variety every day. Make your own fresh juices. Blend homemade soups. Or create nutritional smoothies. With 600 W, multiple speed settings and a fruit filter the possibilities are limitless.

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Funciones del producto

  • Detachable blade unit for easy cleaning

    Clean easily and effectively by removing the blade from the jar.

  • Easy cleaning soft touch panel

    Soft touch panel without any slots, which makes cleaning much easier.

  • Multiple speeds for soft and hard ingredients

    This Philips blender, blends at different speeds and to different degrees with a choice of settings.

  • Long-lasting serrated blades

    Crush and blend to perfection with these long-lasting, ultra-sharp Philips blender blades.

  • All detachable parts are dishwasher-safe

    All parts except the Philips blender base are dishwasher-safe.

  • Filter for clear juice

    To make soy bean milk and fruit juices in the blender.

  • Spatula for safely stirring and blending

    The spatula accessory enables to stir your ingredients safely while blending.

  • Powerful 600 Watt motor

    To blend food in seconds.

  • Quick clean button

    After usage, fill the blender with detergent and water and press this button for easy cleaning.

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