World COPD Day


November 18th, 2020

On this World COPD Day, we want to share our appreciation and thanks to physicians, respiratory therapists, friends and families who have cared and supported those living with COPD. We also want to celebrate those living with COPD and other respiratory conditions who have achieved so much through the challenging year so far. From big to small moments, they are all heroes that we recognize.

Championing the big and small moments

This year has been full of challenging moments, but heroes are created in unprecedented times. From those on the frontlines to those staying at home, they have adapted to the new normal. We recognize these achievements and want to take this World COPD Day to showcase and celebrate the changes they've made throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and remind them that we can all be heroes.

From adapting to using new technology to speaking with to their physician, COPD patients, respiratory therapists and physicians all deserve to be recognized as heroes.

World COPD Day 2020

Shifts in Global Perception of COPD and Respiratory Health


Never before has the subject of respiratory health been so universally top of mind. This year on World COPD Day, in addition to sharing our message of gratitude to respiratory caregivers worldwide, Philips surveyed more than 4,000 people throughout China, India, Russia and the United States to gather insights on how perceptions related to respiratory illness have changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. By publishing these survey results, Philips continues its commitment to raise awareness for COPD and respiratory wellness, while simultaneously innovating technologies to help people breathe better, all over the world.

Together we make life better

we make life better.

Innovation that matters

With almost 40 years’ experience of aerosol therapy excellence in the treatment of respiratory diseases (COPD, Asthma, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Cystic Fibrosis), Philips Respiratory Care solutions has empowered patients to take control of their therapy, giving them the freedom to live a fulfilling life by restoring their ability to breathe with confidence.

How can you help manage your COPD

We want to ensure that those living with COPD feel empowered to live life to the fullest while managing their condition.
Here are some simple tips:

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