Ambient Experience

Removing the mystery to calm and empower kids

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Quality images are best acquired with receptive, relaxed patients. Yet a child’s fear can challenge that goal. The KittenScanner (a small scale scanner) is designed to reduce fear and playfully educate children about the scanning process.

Trying out a scan helps reassure kids

We know how kids feel. A visit to the hospital can be overwhelming. Undergoing an examination without Mom or Dad nearby is scary. Given an opportunity to understand what’s happening, they find the experience easier. Their naturally inquisitive minds are reassured when they can “try it out” with the KittenScanner.
Trying out a scan helps reassure kids

Educational approach adds an element of fun

Children are encouraged to explore the scanning concept by learning from a small scale version of a scanner. The KittenScanner can be used to describe the MRI and CT process. As the child scans a toy, a display tells how a scanner works and why the exam is needed. The “insides” of the toy are seen on the screen, clarifying the scanner’s purpose. As children play with the KittenScanner, attention is focused on learning and having fun, so they are less likely to worry about the upcoming procedure.
Educational approach

Smoother exams by reducing child's fear

By reducing fear, your pediatric patients can more calmly undergo the exam. Calmer patients also tend to be more compliant and less active. The KittenScanner is a useful addition to your Ambient Experience environment. It makes a serious occasion less scary for your youngest patients.
Smoother exams by reducing child's fear

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